Our dough is fermented over a 24 hour period under specific temperature controls to ensure the gluten is properly developed. The dough is then hand stretched and baked to produce a pizza base that is light and airy, has a crunchy crust and is absolutely delicious.

Have gluten allergies? We also do a fantastic gluten-free* pizza base which is hand made in store.

Although our Pizzas are sensational, our Pizza Pockets are our signature product line. They are made with the same dough we use for our pizza, baked to perfection then filled with a variety of mouth-watering fillings that are all hand made fresh in store everyday.

Whether it’s our Pizza Pockets or Pizza we only use the freshest ingredients, that’s why all our fillings and fresh toppings are sliced, diced, chopped, marinated and cooked in store every day to guarantee freshness and quality.


* Although we take great care we are not a gluten-free restaurant. All products are prepared in a kitchen shared with wheat and cross contamination may occur.

**Any of our products may contain allergens.